What will remain of us when every place, exterior and interior, it will be finally destroyed?

These paintings describe a landscape made up of details, drawn from life and filtered by the use of a rough and ancient pictorial tool, the charcoal.

This series of work tells about a journey in parallel between presumed depths of space and ambiguous terrestrial places; endless construction sites, abandoned, interrupted in their attempt to obliterate the past, juxtaposed with finds of little importance; precious objects, which belonged to an undefined time.

The insertion of symbolic, redundant elements is alienating; we find here represented ornamental plants, sterile, weeds. Impossible fruits and huge biblical microorganisms.

Finally, impressed on a large-format canvas, the great deaf fall of humanity is evoked, from which the search for a place where finally live, begins.



Andrea Olgiati was born in 1987 in Locarno. He graduated very young as a cartoonist and illustrator in Florence and later in Milan. He is about to obtain a Bachelor in Painting and Visual Languages ​​at the Academy of Fine Arts in Como. He has been working for more than a decade in the fields of design, advertising and art teaching in Switzerland and abroad. His research extends in parallel between the rediscovery of classical pictorial techniques and the narrative applied to contemporary problems.



/le Stanze dell’arte III /Max Museo, Chiasso, Svizzera

/le Stanze dell’arte III /Kromya Gallery, Lugano, Svizzera




Portfolio available upon request